Arconauts is the name given to a select group of players in the Shattered Horizon community.

After the explosion on the Moon the survivors face a desperate fight for survival. Cut off from Earth by the countless fragments of debris in the Arc, only the strong will endure. As battle lines are drawn, the heroes of the ISS and MMC gather arms and go to war. Those who prove themselves the most skilled on this new and unfamiliar battle ground earn the title of Arconaut. Fearless, smart and deadly, Arconauts are renowned for their mastery of zero gravity combat and feared by all.

Arconauts are the most valued members of the Shattered Horizon community. Members get to play new levels and test new game features before they are made available to everyone else. Arconauts also have their own private forum to discuss upcoming plans for the game with the development team at Futuremark Games Studio. Arconaut membership is by invitation only and is currently limited to those who pre-ordered Shattered Horizon and selected "super-testers" from the beta.

Arconauts have access to an additional game through Steam called Shattered Horizon: Arconauts. This edition allows you to test new content and features.

Moonrise Testing Edit

Arconauts were responsible for testing several builds of the Moonrise maps before they were released, below are screenshots collected during testing in which you can see the various visual/structural changes along with many many bugs being documented. Along with the four Moonrise maps - Deadeye, Ten Star, Searchlight, Slingshot - Arconauts also tested many of the features listed in the Update such as VoIP and MPR spin addition.

Searchlight beta
Walls 1 t

More missing geometry

Missing Face

Missing Faces on Searchlight

Walls 2 t
Inside an asteroid

Later build of Searchlight - Found way inside astroids

Deadeye arco
Shattered horizon 2010-02-16 15-54-17-31

Close to Searchlight Final build - still some glitches

Shattered horizon 2010-02-05 20-23-50-45
Ten star
Shattered horizon2009-12-0820-42-55

Old Grooves

Deadeye 2

Early stage of Deadeye

Shattered horizon2009-12-0820-43-06
Slingshot cp

Floating capture point

Slingshot grenadesgothrough

Grenades flying on by



On the wrong side of the moon

The moon from the other side


Oh God, it's Mr SUN!!

Firepower Weapons Testing Edit

Arconauts were responsible for testing four builds of the Firepower Weapon DLC before it was released, below are screenshots/videos collected during testing.

Shattered horizon 2010-03-12 20-25-11-51

Early railgun

Shattered horizon 2010-03-26 20-34-19-23

Tracer bug

Shattered horizon 2010-04-10 14-05-17-64

Just weld it to the chestplate, problem solved Bayo Lovers

Freeze Swoop Action Bug

Freeze Swoop Action Bug

Shattered horizon 2010-04-10 14-08-07-60

New Pick, Check. Arms...uh...huh?

Rate of Fire Bug 3

Rate of Fire Bug 3

Shattered horizon 2010-04-10 13-47-12-74

Build 3 Sniper Textures

Rate of Fire Bug

Rate of Fire Bug

Rate of Fire Bug 2

Rate of Fire Bug 2

Rate of Fire Bug 4

Rate of Fire Bug 4

Blue ring of death
How to not hold a pistol
Not dead


One hand mg

One handed MG

Shattered horizon FP arco build

Shattered horizon FP arco build

Some bugs & stuff

One Hand

On Handed AR

Pick stuck