Assault Rifle (RK-42-v)
Weapon ss assault rifle
Assault Rifle Cover art
Sight: Assault Scope
Suit integration: On
Magazine Capacity: 60
Damage: Assault rifle damage
Rate Of Fire: Assault rifle rate of fire
Accuracy: Assault rifle accuracy
Movement Speed: Assault rifle movement speed
Damage To Head: 30
Damage To Body: 15
Damage To Tank: 30

Assault Rifle (or RK-42-v) is second generation assault rifle adapted for vacuum, the RK-42-v is a reliable and versatile weapon offering balanced characteristics to suit most combat situations.

Tactics Edit

  • Short, controlled bursts of fire at the head of an opposing player is effective.
  • The Assault Rifle has a decent accuracy when grounded and firing from the hip, which can be effective when foes are trying to close the gap.

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