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There are bots in the game. You can try to play with them on the "Bots server". There is one bot server in Europe and two in the US hosted by Futuremark. The process of improving bots isn't completed.

History Edit

09-10-2010: FM_kingkatt announced the beginning of open beta testing which was connected with bots. The first bot servers were opened. Also the first version of bots was released - 0.1

10-27-2010: FMS released new bots version - 0.2

11-03-2010: Futuremark Games Studio released new bots version - 0.3

Bots features Edit

Bot version 0.1

Bot version 0.2

  • Reduced shooting accuracy slightly for all weapons, more so for shotgun
  • Bots fight more defensively and make better use of cover
  • Bots can switch to a closer target when encountering multiple enemies
  • Bots use grenades more conservatively
  • Bots can do tactical reloads
  • Bots react better to control points being captured
  • Bots have slightly reduced ability to detect enemies over longer ranges
  • Code now takes silent mode and thruster state into account for enemy detection

Bot version 0.3

  • Bots now have individual aggression levels. Some will take cover when shot at and some will charge.
  • Each bot now has its own difficulty level parameter which affects its reaction time and accuracy.
  • Difficulty levels vary from 0: easy to 10: very hard and can also be set to Dynamic.
  • The default is Dynamic which changes the difficulty based on the K/D ratio of the targeted enemy.
  • Bots can now use machinegun and railgun. These bots can also use the pistol.
  • All bots now use melee attack when they get a good chance.
  • Enemies spotted by bot team mates now appear on player radars.

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