Machine Gun
Machine Gun
Machine Gun Cover art
Sight: Red Dot/Reflex
Suit integration: Off
Magazine Capacity: 120
Damage: Machinegun damage
Rate Of Fire: Machinegun rate of fire
Accuracy: Machinegun accuracy
Movement Speed: Machinegun movement speed
Damage To Head: 38
Damage To Body: 19
Damage To Tank: 38

Machine Gun (MG) is a heavy weapon designed to provide sustained suppressing fire, though the effects of recoil mean it is best fired from a surface. The large magazine reduces the need to reload frequently.

Tactics Edit

The machine gun is essentially one of the most powerful weapons in the game when used correctly. Most people avoid it due to its low accuracy in flight, however once you are attached to a surface and looking down the sights it has perfect accuracy up to 50 meters, good accuracy at 100 meters, and if fired in 2 - 3 shot bursts, can take out a target behond 100 meters in roughly 5 seconds with skill.

  • This weapon is ineffective in flight against targets more than 5 meters away.
  • Avoid approaching enclosed control points without someone with you. Infact, for best team effort, a machine gunner will watch the control point and protect teammates from a distance.
  • Rather than flying directly to a destination, hop from surface to surface, checking your surroundings in each areas.
  • Find a large flat surface with no rocks above you and scan your horizon rotating at 360. Enemies using SMGs will need time to get to you before they can do you much harm, and strafing side to side makes it near impossible for an SMG to hit you at all at long range, whilst the machine gun with its greater range canpick them off, often being able to take on up to 3 enemies attacking you at once in the wide open area.
  • On some maps with large built up surfaces, you need not fly at all, simply walk around tyhe building, keeping yourself concealed by not using your thrusters which give off light, and picking off targets as the pass you by inches.

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