Pistol Cover art
Sight: Ironsights
Suit integration: Off
Magazine Capacity: 20
Damage: Pistol damage
Rate Of Fire: Pistol rate of fire
Accuracy: Pistol accuracy
Movement Speed: Determined by the primary weapon
Damage To Head: 50
Damage To Body: 18
Damage To Tank: 50

Pistol is useful as a backup weapon or in close quarters. The pistol offers accurate and effective stopping power in a small and lightweight package. Movement speed is determined by the primary weapon. Switch to it by pressing Q (default).

Pistol belongs to the secondary weapons. Each player has pistol in his inventory all the time.

Tactics Edit

  • Choosing a pistol is much faster than reloading an empty clip.
  • If you are a sniper, the pistol can save your life in close distance battles.

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