RK41-v MPAC screen1
RK41-v MPAC in the protagonist hands
Sight: Telescopic (4x)
Magazine Capacity: 60
Damage To Head: Unknown
Damage To Body: Unknown
Damage To Tank: Unknown

RK41-v MPAC is classic assault rifle with optical scope and under-slung grenade launcher. Before Firepower update it was the only weapon in the game.

Description Edit

Each player in Shattered Horizon carries this multifunctional assault rifle. Using this weapon, the player is equipped for every type of combat scenario: up-close melee attacks, medium range fire fights and accurate long range combat.

The weapon has 60 rounds of ammunition in one magazine and the player has unlimited magazines. You can see an ammo counter and a grenade counter on the side of your weapon. The weapon's firing sound changes when you have 10 or fewer rounds left. In scoped mode, your rifle expends 10 rounds of ammunition in one powerful, concentrated burst.

The rifle has a retractable bayonet which can be used for a melee kill that is an instant kill when it strikes.


Grenades Edit

The rifle can fire grenades from an under-slung launcher. The weapon holds four grenades which can be any of the following three types.

Shattered horizon ICE

ICE cloud

ICE Edit

The ICE grenade releases a fine cloud of ice crystals that block both sight and radar. This grenade can be used to provide cover, block lines of sight or disorient enemies caught in the cloud. You can see some effects trough the ice cloud which betrays a players position, these effects include the EMP effect on a players suit and the jet flame from a players jetpack.

Shattered horizon EMP

Close by EMP burst

EMP Edit

The EMP grenade disables an astronaut’s suit electronics. When a player is caught in an EMP blast their HUD crashes, taking away their radar and audio simulation. Their rocket pack also becomes less responsive, inhibiting movement until the suit’s OS reboots. You can avoid the effect of the EMP by going into Silent Running mode before the EMP hits you.

Shattered horizon MPR

Distant MPR explosion

MPR Edit

The MPR grenade’s blast pushes away astronauts and floating objects. Players can use the MPR grenade to dislodge enemies from cover, or protect themselves from attackers by knocking them back. With practice, you can hit yourself with an MPR grenade to launch yourself to very high speeds.

Trivia Edit

The RK-41-v MPAC that is the basic rifle used in Shattered Horizon has an easter egg in its name. It refers to the RK-62 which is the assault rifle commonly used by the Finnish Defence Forces. This refers to the fact that Futuremark HQ is in Finland and the fact that Shattered Horizon is a Finnish game.

MPAC stands for Multi-Purpose Assault Carbine. The "v" in the name signifies that the gun is adapted for Vacuum. Before the Firepower update it was the only weapon in the game.