With over 50 entries it took almost an hour just for us to watch all the videos. That was followed by some pretty intense discussion and argument. Let me tell you, it has not been easy picking the winners but it sure was fun. We were blown away by the high standard of all the entries. We were especially surprised but also very happy to hear so many people tell us that this was the first time they had ever made a game video.

There were some great skills on display, a lot of very neat ideas, great editing and some really excellent music chosen to accompany the action. The time and effort that people put in is obvious to see. And now, here are the winners:

Challenge 13 winner: classicoke / Video: "Future Weapons" Challenge 14 winner: KooKiz [TSC] / Video: "Showmanship"
Video:Future Weapons Video:Showmanship
The Judges say,

The overall winner was always going to be the hardest decision. Classicoke takes the prize by including everything we were looking for: inventive editing and creative use of source material from outside Shattered Horizon, a good display of zero gravity combat and just when you think you know how it is going to play out he flicks the funny switch and changes direction. This award recognises the time, effort and attention that has gone into this video, especially when you realise that it is his first attempt at a game video using nothing fancier than Windows Movie Maker.

The Judges say,

We were looking for videos that show how Shattered Horizon's zero gravity combat is different from other FPS games. KooKiz's video starts with a great bit of editing adding monsters from Doom into Moondust, showing how other FPS games stick to 2D for their battlefields. From there it is a dizzying ride as he shows excellent skill and knowledge of the levels to surprise and attack from all directions. KooKiz demonstrates great use of cover, quick changes to orientation and complete mastery of the controls.

Challenge 15 winner: Threatty / Video: "Silent Run Stealth Montage" Challenge 16 winner: Serenity / Video: "Just a Minute"
Video:Silent Run Stealth Montage Video:Just a minute
The Judges say,

If you turned your sound up for Serenity's video, turn it down now because the music for Threatty's stealth kill montage is terrifying. And yet it is the perfect match for the claustrophobic feeling and slower pace of silent running. The stabs in the music are well timed with the stabs in the action and the ending is a nice touch too.

The Judges say,

New players often wonder why Shattered Horizon has a rating for "Mild Suggestive Themes". This video explains why and we lol'd hard. Make sure you turn up your volume because the sound editing in Serenity's video is top notch. Loads of funny incidental sound effects and voices, very well put together and gets funnier every time you watch it.

All winners also receive Arconaut membership and a Shattered Horizon T-shirt and sticker pack. Many congratulations to the winners. Look out for a message from FuturemarkTV on YouTube so we can sort out delivery of your prizes.

Whether you are a winner or not, everyone should be very proud of their entries. All the videos have been added to our FuturemarkTV YouTube Favourites. We've also created a playlist where you can watch all the entries back to back if you wish. Highly recommened, if you have an hour spare!

We'd like to thank everyone who took part in this competition. We have been really pleased with how things went and we will definitely being doing more of these competitions in the future. Keep an eye on the forums and join our official Shattered Horizon Steam group to make sure you don't miss out.