In Shattered Horizon there are several vehicles spread around the maps. They are stationary and only serve as decoration and possibly cover.

Space Ships Edit

Space Ships are vehicles that are capable of flight through space.

Shattered horizon 2009-12-11 15-34-54-20

ISA Shuttle positioned near the Platform control point in The Arc.

ISA Shuttle Edit

The ISA Space Shuttle is a large streamlined vehicle with the capacity to transport a large number of people. It has two thrusters embedded into its wings, capable of quickly accelerating the craft. Its streamlined shape and the fact that it has wings heavily suggests it is capable of entering Earth's atmosphere. The Shuttle is seen docked on the ISS, positioned near the Platform control point of The Arc, located between the asteroids in Search Light and docked at the Ten Star port.

Shattered horizon GD12445

MMC GD-12445 container hauler docked in Moondust

Shattered horizon GD12445 Icon

Icon painted on the cockpit of the Moondust Container Hauler

MMC Container Shuttle Edit

The MMC GD-12445 container shuttle uses clamps to hold several freight containers. The clamps have hydraulics which suggest that the clamps can extend, allowing it to carry either 16 or 24 containers, although it has never been spotted in an extended mode. The GD-12445 has a very small cockpit, suggesting it has room for only one person. The ship has two long thrusters to propel it through space. The ship's blocky shape heavily suggests that it cannot safely enter Earth's atmosphere. When fully loaded with Pentomino Cargo containers (assuming it carries 16 containers), it has a max payload of 682400 kg and a cubic capacity of 776. Seen in the docks section of the map Moondust, on the platforms of the ISS and on the broken dish of Dead Eye.


MMCS MINOTAUR Orbital Recovery VehicleEdit

The MINOTAUR is a large spacecraft consisting of multiple segments. Its long and round of shape and only appears in the map Search Light.

The BridgeEdit

At the front of the ship lies the bridge. Its size suggests it can accommodate multiple persons. There's an airlock on the 'top' of the bridge, allowing astronauts to enter and exit the bridge compartment.

Unknown SegmentEdit

Behind the bridge lies 8 connected parts which require more investigation for this wiki.

Wheel QuartersEdit

Behind the unknown segment lies a wheel shaped part with windows on the side, the location of these windows suggest that there are two floors in the wheel. It is likely that these are crew quarters. When the wheel turns, it creates centrifugal forces which pushes everything outward, creating fake gravity in the entire segment.

Cargo BayEdit

The cargo bay of the MINOTAUR lies behind the Wheel Quarters and has the ability to hold several cargo containers safely inside. The cargohold is a large part of the MINOTAUR, probably playing an important role in the ship's missions. The hull of the cargo bay is covered with several solar panels, which provide power for the ship.
(More research on more exact numbers of cargo capacity are yet to be investigated)


At the back of the ship lies MINOTAUR's propulsion system. Four thruster groups each consisting of three large thrusters accelerate the ship to its destination.