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This article describes the weapons in Shattered Horizon. For information on combat and tactics see the gameplay section.

The Firepower Update to Shattered Horizon removed the multi-function rifle (RK41-v MPAC) and replaced it with 5 primary weapons (Assault Rifle, Submachine Gun, Shotgun, Railgun and the Machine Gun) and three secondary weapons (pistol, grenade pistol, and a mining pick for melee attacks).

Comparison of weapons characteristics Edit

Weapon Sight Integ. Cap. Damage Rate of fire Accuracy Movement Speed Head Body Tank
RK-42-v Assault Scope On 60 22/100 Assault rifle damage 62/100 Assault rifle rate of fire 49/100 Assault rifle accuracy 56/100 Assault rifle movement speed 30 15 30
SMG Red Dot/Reflex On 90 10/100 Submachinegun damage 100/100 Submachinegun rate of fire 27/100 Submachinegun accuracy 100/100Submachinegun movement speed 16 12 16
Shotgun Ring Ironsights On 12 82/100 Shotgun damage 15/100 Shotgun rate of fire 31/100 Shotgun accuracy 100/100 Shotgun movement speed 12 12 12
Railgun Zoom Scope Off 6 92/100 Railgun damage 7/100 Railgun rate of fire 100/100 Railgun accuracy 38/100 Railgun movement speed 100 75 100
Machine Gun Red Dot/Reflex Off 120 13/100 Machinegun damage 74/100 Machinegun rate of fire 50/100 Machinegun accuracy 26/100 Machinegun movement speed 38 19 38
Pistol Ironsights Off 20 23/100 Pistol damage 32/100 Pistol rate of fire 78/100 Pistol accuracy Determined by the primary weapon 50 18 50
RK41-v MPAC Telescopic (4x) N/A 60 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A

Grenade Pistol

Grenade Pistol cover-art

Grenade Pistol Edit

MMC engineers created an improved grenade pistol with a HUD integrated range finder and a magazine with greater capacity. It allows you to fire up to six grenades in any combination. Replaces the grenade launcher on the old assault rifle.

The Grenade Pistol holds six grenades which can be any of the following types.

Grenades Edit

Shattered horizon ICE

ICE cloud

ICE Edit

The ICE grenade releases a fine cloud of ice crystals that block both sight and radar. This grenade can be used to provide cover, block lines of sight or disorient enemies caught in the cloud. You can see some effects through the ice cloud which betrays a players position, these effects include the EMP effect on a players suit and the jet flame from a players jetpack.

Shattered horizon EMP

Close by EMP burst

EMP Edit

The EMP grenade disables an astronaut’s suit electronics. When a player is caught in an EMP blast their HUD crashes, taking away their radar and audio simulation. Their rocket pack also becomes less responsive, inhibiting movement until the suit’s OS reboots. You can avoid the effect of the EMP by going into Silent Running mode before the EMP hits you.

MPR close explosion

Close MPR explosion

MPR Edit

The MPR grenade’s blast pushes away astronauts and floating objects. Players can use the MPR grenade to dislodge enemies from cover, or protect themselves from attackers by knocking them back. With practice, you can hit yourself with an MPR grenade to launch yourself to very high speeds.

Shattered horizon-20100605-1258023



Blinds enemies and illuminates dark areas with burning light that has the same effect as looking into the Sun. Use it to disorient enemies or provide temporary cover.

Shattered horizon-20100605-1259073

Close by PULSE Wave


Sends a radar pulse that reveals hidden enemies and shows their locations on your HUD. Use the PULSE grenade when approaching control points to reveal enemies hiding in cover.

Shattered horizon-20100605-1633491

Close by DECOY


Confuses enemy radar with false movement signals. The DECOY grenade emits light matching the player's team and steals your HUD marker.

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